There is a power deep within our stories. Through the stories we tell of our lives, we tap into ageless themes that suddenly become familiar to us, adding greater meaning to our lives, and linking us to our ancestors. Our stories are variations of one of the thousands of myths, folk tales, or legends that have spoken to us for generations of our inner truths.

Telling our stories, like sacred stories in traditional communities, strengthens family and community bonds, holding communities together. With so many families living so far apart today, and so many others still suffering from the effects of various hurts over the years spent together, stories can connect families across great distances, be they internal or external. Stories give a family definition and create communities of memory. Sharing personally significant stories sustain hope for the future. Telling our deeply lived stories makes the implicit explicit, the hidden seen, the unformed formed, and the confusing clear.

By sharing our stories, we find that we have a lot more in common with others than we may have thought. This sharing of stories creates a bond between people who may not even have known each other before. After sharing, or listening to, a story, a connection is established that remains even if we don’t ever see the other person again. So, as we tell and share the stories that matter most to us, this can not help but change our world.


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