The world is becoming an interconnected community of commonalities; the potentialities of this globalization process need harnessing to ensure the continued betterment and advancement of civilization. As our evolution has gradually woven people into larger and richer webs of interdependence, humanity is approaching its coming of age. Out of necessity for our collective survival, the transformation humanity is currently undergoing is evidenced by such notions as global consciousness, global economy, and world citizenship. This global integration is a formidable force for recognizing ourselves as members of one global community.

If you have experienced this sense of the whole being the priority rather than any of its parts, of seeing the entire world as a whole, of feeling a wider identity that includes all others of whatever other group affiliations, or a love for humanity as a whole, reflect on how this awareness, this worldview, began to come into your life, how it expanded and became a full blown way of seeing the world we live in, and how this changed your everyday interactions with others. Tell this story of how you came to understand and accept the interconnectedness of the nations and peoples of the world, and to think and act globally, in the familiar three-part pattern of before, during and after.


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