Beyond the illusion of separation lies a hidden wholeness. The entire universe, all of creation, is tied together, interconnected by the same laws of nature that govern all things. This one reality is an indivisible wholeness, though we tend to break it down into pieces. When we see the whole as it is, it becomes a grand unity representing the way things really are.

We can either live in the world of the parts, where we see all things with a consciousness of duality, or in the world of the greater wholeness, where we see all things with a consciousness of oneness. Once we’ve had an experience of wholeness and oneness, we will see this everywhere we look.

If you have felt or seen this undeniable wholeness, this boundless interconnectedness, then this is where you can tell your own story of how this understanding of the organic wholeness of Creation came to be for you. Reflect on how you have arrived at this understanding, the awareness this has given you, and what has changed for you. Try telling this story in the familiar three-part pattern of before, during, and after.


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