Unity in diversity is not just a slogan or buzzword. It’s a way of explaining the principle of the oneness of humanity. It honors all the natural and unique forms of differences that exist within the human family, from every ethnic group to each individual temperament. Diversity in the cultural and personal realms is just as vital and essential to the well-being of humanity as it is in the realm of the human gene pool. Putting the concept of unity in diversity into action on the largest scale calls for a wider loyalty, a broadening of affiliations without giving up any legitimate allegiances, all for the greater good.

Reflect on a time in your life when you were with another person, or group of people, of different backgrounds who came together and were able to work hand in hand together across those differences, across some invisible boundary, in a way to not only achieve what would not have been possible otherwise but in so doing overcome those barriers and differences to experience a unity that enabled greater things to be accomplished. Tell this story of unity in diversity in the familiar three-part pattern of how and why you and another, or this group, came together, how unity in diversity was achieved, and what resulted by overcoming the differences between you.



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