When two or more entities, individuals, groups, or organizations come together either in a planned or unplanned way to interact or cooperate in ways that produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects, for the purpose of a common cause, this is synergy in action. It always involves some form of collaboration, teamwork, partnership, or co-creation that benefits those involved and beyond. Synergy is often unplanned and its outcome unpredictable, yet it always expresses an energy that becomes quite evident. Synergy is behavior and energy the force behind it.

Tell a story of when you experienced synergy in action. Who was involved with you? Had they previously interacted together, or was this the first time? Was it a diverse group that came together? Were new of different perspectives brought into the collaboration? What kinds of insights and new knowledge emerged from this synergistic interaction? Tell this story in the familiar pattern of before, during, and after, emphasizing what the actual experience of synergy felt like and what it brought about for you.



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