When events or circumstances happen by seeming chance, or serendipitously, that are meaningfully related but seem to lack a clear causal connection, this is synchronicity. These appear as coincidences but can be very significant to our development. They can be seen as serving the function of grace in our lives. Experiences of synchronicity happen when we most need them. They add meaning to something not understood fully before. Coincidences may not impact us as much, but synchronistic moments can have a deep and lasting, even transformative, impact.

Did you ever experience something that did not seem to be random and actually felt like part of a deeper order, or plan? Did this lead you to new insights of a greater wholeness, maybe even an inherent purpose to the things happening around us? Tell the story of how this moment or series of synchronicities came about, what lead to it, or them, what was the actual synchronicity, and how that changed things for you.



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