Resilience is another quality of the human spirit we are born with that is meant to help us deal with and spring back from a whole range of difficulties in a manner that enables us to resolve matters in an efficient and effective way, more quickly than we would be able to without it. Adversity and resilience are intertwined, in that the first creates the circumstances for the second to come into play. When we are challenged, we are given the opportunity to respond to that challenge in a way that ultimately makes us stronger. A metaphor of this in the realm of nature would be the phoenix rising from the ashes. For us, some of the factors supporting resilience would be a positive attitude, optimism, being able to regulate our emotions, and having the ability to learn from difficulties. Being resilient is having the toughness to recover quickly from struggles or difficulties.

Think of a time in your life when you adapted well in the face of adversity, maybe even better than you expected you would. What was the particular form of adversity you faced? What got you into this situation? What did you draw upon to be able to overcome and spring back quickly? What did you learn about yourself from this experience of being resilient? Tell this story in a flowing, conversational way that clearly demarcates the beginning, muddle, and resolution, or the before, during, and after, process that you experienced.


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