Love stories are probably the most common motif found in all forms of writing, because anything to do with love gets to the heart who we are and why we are here. When we tell stories of how and why we have experienced love, we are expressing and sharing one of the most deeply held, universally human experiences that anyone can have. Though love is so universal, there are many intriguing variations on how love happens, how it is experienced, and why it is so important, even transforming, for us.

When we think of love in its broadest sense, we recognize that love is what awakens the spiritual life, that love ties us to the unifying force of evolution, and that love is the only force that can eliminate all forms of prejudice, and even what can alter the course of civilizations.

Think of a time in your life when love came to you in way that you hadn’t experienced before, when love took on a meaning and significance that it hadn’t had before for you. See if you can tell this story in the form of the classic pattern of how and why it began, whether there was any question or conflict in your mind at first, and what happened to allow you to give in to the sensation of love that was embracing you at the time.


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