Kindness is a quality, or virtue, of the human spirit that we are born with. Sometimes it takes special circumstances for kindness to be drawn out from within. We often don’t go looking for those situations to add our kindness to, they more often come looking for us. And then the question becomes are we ready or willing to express the kindness already within us? Kindness is most often characterized by generosity of spirit, considerateness, tenderness, warmth, empathy, goodwill, and benevolence. Any expression of these acts strengthens relationships and can ensure personal wellbeing. Kindness is a gift anyone can afford to give; it affects the giver and receiver equally.

Think of a time in your life when you either acted in kindness or were the recipient of kindness. What was the setting and circumstance for this kindness? How did it change what was going on at the time? Were there any ripple effects? What did you learn about yourself from this experience of kindness? Tell this story in a flowing, conversational way that clearly shows the before, during, and after of your experience of kindness.


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