Most people are familiar with some version of the Golden Rule (treat others as you wish to be treated), which is the common thread uniting all the world’s sacred traditions. But do we think of that as the foundation for a system of justice, as well? We’ve gotten used to the disfunction of punitive systems of justice (“an eye for an eye”) that have been around for so long, and that have kept people separated for generations and centuries. We either overlook or aren’t even aware that there are also unitive systems of justice that not only keep people and communities together but also support their ongoing growth and transformation.

Justice, an embodiment of Divine order on earth, and a supreme force for moral rightness, equity, and harmony, is intended to maintain the inherent balance of life. A unitive system of justice is designed to maintain unity in the community; it is an expression of the Golden Rule writ large. It would be an essential element for bringing about the principle of the oneness of humanity. Justice, applied in its unitive form, is the greatest force for unity we have in the world now.

Think of a time in your life when justice happened naturally, or as a result of a coordinated unitive effort, either individually or collectively. Instead of separating the people involved even further, did it bring them closer together, as the circles of unity widened as a result of justice fulfilled? How was meaningful support offered to you or those involved? How were both victims and perpetrators of an injustice helped to maintain and restore harmony in the community? Most important, how were you or others involved helped in the healing process? What did this and the unity maintained or strengthened look and feel like to you in terms of the compassion, respect, and equity experienced? Write down your thoughts in a flowing narrative punctuated by the universal motifs of beginning, muddle, and resolution.


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