There is a legend, found in many traditions, that before we are born, while we’re still in the womb, an angel comes to us and takes us on a journey to show us what our life on earth will be like. But, when we are born we forget this, and our life purpose becomes to remember where we came from, who we are, and what our purpose is. The thing about this is that we came from a realm of connectedness, are born into a realm that makes it more and more difficult to maintain those connections, and we spend our lives looking for, or trying to re-create or re-claim that original connectedness. And when we find it in this life, it becomes a most gratifying and confirming thing!

Reflect on a time in your life when you became aware of experiencing for the first time a deep and abiding sense of interconnectedness with people, maybe even all people and all created things, beyond your normal sphere of connections. What lead up to this moment, what did it feel like, and how did it change the way you saw and related to all things? Use the pattern of beginning, muddle, and resolution to frame your story of interconnectedness.


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