Integrity is a quality, or virtue, of the human spirit, something we are all born with but may need a certain kind of situation or circumstance for it to come out and be expressed. Integrity can also be a practice, something we choose to act upon on a regular basis, that enables us to be honest and truthful in all situations while consistently adhering to moral values and principles. Integrity is what allows us to live in a state of wholeness and undividedness, rather than being torn between any allegiances. Living with integrity means doing the right thing; having a strong moral compass that guides every thought and action.

Think of a time in your life when you chose not to compromise your moral values or principles but kept to your own standard, or a time when you were the recipient of an act of integrity. What was going on that called for an act of integrity? How did the appearance of integrity change what was going on at the time? What did you learn about yourself from experiencing integrity, either as the giver or the receiver? Tell this story in a flowing, conversational way that clearly demarcates the beginning, muddle, and resolution of this process that you experienced.


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