The illusion – or the reality – of separation is all too real to us. The ideal, or the goal, of inclusivity is much more desired by many. Experiencing and practicing equal access to all, whether for opportunities or resources, and including all who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized goes beyond the all too often passively understood fact of diversity. Inclusivity is a mindset, a value put into practice, that welcomes, embraces, and proactively seeks diversity not for the differences in and of themselves but for how supportive, non-judgmental, and open to the value of inclusivity the people involved really are. Making the value of inclusivity primary is what will really build a better world.

What has been your experience of inclusivity? Did inclusivity come naturally in your life, or did you or others have to struggle to be included and valued? How was support and other forms of valuing all expressed in an inclusive group or community for you? Tell your story of inclusivity that includes the challenges involved as well as the triumphs.




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