We are all world wanderers, global nomads, descendants of ancestors who set out from one origin some 70,000 years ago on a long migration that covered the entire earth. We are more than the particular heritage we most identify with; we are all members of one human family ceaselessly on the way to someplace else. This is written in our genes. Immigration and refugee numbers are on the rise in recent years. But throughout history there have always been forces that have pushed and pulled peoples from their place of origin. It is really the whole earth that is our common homeland.

Have you experienced moving from one country to another for whatever reason, whether beyond your control or by choice? Were you alone, with family members, others? What was the overall impact of this experience like for you, and how did it change your life? Think of this time in your life in the before, during, and after framework, and tell this story as an evolving process that brought about something new, different, challenging, hopeful, and most likely fulfilling for you.



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