Once we set out into any unknown realm, we find we encounter many new obstacles, hurdles, and even roadblocks. These can cause us to not only hesitate, pause, or have second thoughts about what we might have thought we wanted, but maybe even force us to reconsider a decision of setting out into the unknown in the first place. But if we remember that we are constantly being guided by unseen hands in our life, and that we are even being protected, we will be more prepared to recognize and respond to the assistance, or grace, that also comes into our lives.

Think of a time in your life when you may have felt helpless, or at the end of your path with no way out of the predicament you found yourself in. Did you experience the hands of grace coming to you unexpectedly and providing just what you needed to help you move on? How specifically did this protection, assistance, or guidance come to you and help you? See if you can bookend your story of grace received with what lead you to this predicament and where it lead you from there.


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