Dignity is a universal human right; every person is inherently worthy of being valued for their own sake. Dignity is a birthright, which goes beyond respect, since it doesn’t have to be earned through one’s actions. Dignity is a common denominator that connects us all as members of the human family. Dignity is part of our shared identity; we all want to be seen, heard, listened to, and treated as if we mattered. This is what gives us a sense of hope, belonging, and interconnectedness. Dignity practiced universally could change the world.

Think of a time in your life when you felt valued for who you are, for your unique qualities; or, think of a time when another treated you as if you mattered, made you feel like you belong, like you were understood, or acknowledged your individual worth. What was going on at the time, to make this experience of dignity possible? How did the appearance of dignity change what was going on at the time? Did you feel a new sense of connection with the other(s) involved in this exchange? What did you learn about yourself from experiencing dignity? Tell this story in a flowing, conversational way that clearly demarcates the beginning, muddle, and resolution of this process that you experienced.


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