Looking back on your life, there probably is a moment, experience, or event that you can identify as the beginning of a clear direction for your life, even though it may not have been noticed as such at the time. This moment can probably be seen as a turning point in your life, when your direction in life was shifted toward where you are now in your life.

Think back to your formative years, from your earliest memories to just prior to becoming a teen; let all the important, crucial experiences flow through your mind as if they were a newsreel. Think about what it is that makes these experiences important or special to you. Focus on one experience that stands out as the one that all others flowed from. Recall as many details as you can about this, thinking of it as a series of interconnected events having a beginning, a muddle, and a resolution. Write your thoughts down in note form first, if necessary, then compose a narrative using the style that is most comfortable to you describing the experience, its impact on your life, and what you learned from this experience.


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