Cooperation is what has gotten this complex world to where it is now. Without cooperation, not much would get accomplished. This is your chance to tell a story from your life that illustrates exactly how cooperation is carried out in the world.

Think of a time in your life, or a situation, that required cooperation for what needed to happen. It may have been when people of different backgrounds or worldviews came together to accomplish something new, or when an important community or group issue that everyone cared about was tackled in a new or different way.

What was initially in the way of preventing progress from taking place? How did you, or any others involved, come to realize that cooperation was the only way to make this happen? How did consciously deciding to work together for the common good help things happen more smoothly? What did you, or others involved, come to appreciate about the power in cooperation? See if you can tell this story in the form of the classic pattern of beginning, muddle, and resolution.


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