This may have been something that we resisted at first, maybe because we thought it didn’t feel natural. But then after the experience of collaborating, we might have realized how natural and fulfilling it really is. To work together with another or others to produce something we wouldn’t have been able to on our own may at first take us out of our comfort zone but the activity in itself is intended to be a benefit to others as we embrace a shared objective through a common mission.

Tell the story of a time when you collaborated with others to achieve something beyond your own means. What skills, attitudes, or qualities did you bring to this effort, and what did you receive from others to make this effort possible? What was the goal or purpose of this collaboration? How did the needed interactions take place, and how did any required common decisions come about to solve any problems that might have arisen? What did you learn from and about the ways the interactions took place? Did you observe any stages in the process that occurred leading to the completion of the collaboration? What were the main ingredients everyone brought that made the collaboration successful.



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