From either the perspective of giving birth or of being born, birth is both universal and unique, with similarities and differences to anyone else’s experience. Giving birth is often remembered in many ways, while being born is rarely remembered at all. Stories of one’s own birth are often the stuff of family lore.

Because everyone is born into specific historical, social, cultural, familial, and parental moment, all of these factors merge to create a point in time that determines a large part of who we will become. Some things to reflect on are: what was going on in the world, your community, and your family when you were being born? Was there anything unusual about your birth? Are there family stories told about your birth, that add significance or humor to the unique moment of your birth? What has been most fascinating and/or enduring for you about the historical events, social issues, or trends that were current at the time of your birth? What kind of impact have they had on your life as you see it today?

Whether you tell your story of your own birth or of giving birth, take some time to reflect on what feels most important and meaningful about this experience for you, focus on those elements that might make it both universal and unique, and think about how you might want to make this your own personally creative expression of the experience for you. Write this up in a story reflecting the classic pattern of beginning, muddle, and resolution, or before, during, and after.


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