Altruism is embedded in the heart of the Golden Rule; it is love, compassion, and kindness in action. Globally, we have seen an increase in acts of altruism as natural disasters and unnatural tragedies have become more impactful. Altruistic love, acceptance of and assistance to the other without judgment or conditions, characterizes the highest level of moral development. In the cycles of human evolution, altruistic love has become the standard, progressing over the centuries from a feeling of emotional warmth toward others to the practice of unconditional love directed toward seemingly unconnected others. Altruistic love is what will bring about a spiritual civilization.

Reflect on a time in your life when you have either been on the receiving side and experienced unconditional love from a stranger in a time of need, or when you have given this expression of kindness to another. Tell the story of this experience in the familiar three-part process: what were the circumstances that set this opportunity up, how exactly was the expression of altruism carried out, and how did this exchange of altruism alter things for you?


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