What does it mean to take responsibility for our world, and how do we do this? Beyond awareness, we each find our own way to bring into action our understanding of the vital role we have to play as we experience our world spinning out of balance. We each have our own way to express and put into action the principles and values we strive to live by while their opposites may seem to prevail. We all have to live out what we believe in. There comes a time when we are no longer comfortable with just our own well-being. A shift occurs and we move from an inner journey to wanting to contribute to the larger whole. This is where seeking a deeper meaning in life naturally leads us.

What has been your experience of this process of wanting to do something more for others? What has ‘the cry of the earth’ and the suffering of her peoples called out to you? How have you found your way to give back to others what you have been given? How have you found to work with and for all others? Tell your story of this process in the familiar before-during-after sequence that shares your experience of coming to the awareness of your responsibility in the world and how you came to act from a place of service. How have you made the ‘cry of the earth’ the cry of your own soul?



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