Usually after we’ve had a call to adventure, after we’ve experienced assistance when we didn’t expect it, after we’ve been challenged in ways we never had been before, after we’ve taken time to withdraw from everything, had greater challenges, received further assistance, and been tested in some way, then we may be in a position to experience renewal and rebirth. This is when we feel fearless, like we’ve died to the old, and we begin to feel like we are a new person, more than we were, different than we were, with new powers or capabilities, much closer to reaching our full potential, and like we can now help others in ways we hadn’t before, even though we still feel somewhat vulnerable in some ways.

Think of a time in your life when you’ve experienced this sense of renewal and rebirth. Tell this story in the framework of what lead up to this moment of renewal (beginning), followed by what the actual experience of rebirth consisted of and felt like to you (muddle), and then what direction this renewal led you in from there (resolution).


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