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    After you have removed any existing mould, you can prevent it from returning by taking preventative measures. The problem is more complex when you have fitted bedroom units or wardrobes that cannot be moved away from the wall. It is still possible to take steps to solve the problem, however.

    It’s possible to provide some ventilation to the wardrobe by drilling holes in the back. By doing so, any excess moisture can be removed. Alternatively, keeping the wardrobes warm (even if it is just at a constant low temperature) will help prevent damp.

    Following these measures, if the issue persists, you should reconsider where the wardrobe should be placed. There are other things that can be done to avoid the need to replace the wardrobe and carpet completely. Choosing Fitted Sliding Wardrobes for your bedroom will create more ventilation and will not cost you any money. In some cases, the damp may be too extensive to save a fitted wardrobe. It may be better to use a free-standing wardrobe or open shelves for these situations.


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