Here is a short piece a wrote at an online writer’s retreat last Spring in response to the prompt : “What have you tried to repair?

I have tried to repair the cracks in the foundation of unity. Cracks born of ego, propelled by judgement, comparison, self-interest. Dark forces fueled by materialism, individualism, competition. Forces that present themselves as logical, natural, normal but which in reality are the antithesis of spirit.
I am learning to discern those forces within me that divide and separate and those which unite and harmonize. I am learning to feed and nurture my spirit so that it is stronger than my ego but ever aware that it is an on-going battle. The stronger my spirit becomes, the ego becomes a stronger opponent. So it is designed, causing an ever-strengthening of the spirit. ‘Abdu’l-Baha tells us that the Word of God is the only power “capable of harmonizing the divergent thoughts, sentiments, ideas, and convictions of the children of men.”
This then is the mortar that fills the cracks and makes strong the foundation of unity.

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  1. Alonzo Coleman 2 years ago

    Very well stated. Enjoyed reading your thoughts

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