The alarm goes off now i’m awake. I check the new notification on my phone.
It reads “Amazon package arrives in 20 min.
“The day is here”! “It’s 10:00 am, and the delivery of the package is imminent.”
I spring leap off the mattress and rush for my clothes in the closet.
“Now i’m ready. *Laughs*
I sit outside on the porch.
I see Mr. Wayman next door and wave to him.
“Good Morning Mr. Hughes, your package come yet?”
“Not yet, it’s coming.”
“Alright let me know so we can celebrate.”
We both laugh about it.
*beep beep”
“He’s Here!”
The delivery guy exits the car with the package.
The delivery guy says “Do I know you from somewhere”?
I look up and notice the man.
I shout to him “Brother!?”
He yells back “Broooo!”
We haven’t seen each other in 10 years at this point.
We walk to each other, clench hands and hug.


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